Miss Henrietta Obiageria Nwachukwu

  • henrietta.nwachukwu@irvinglobalgroup.com

Miss Henrietta Obiageria Nwachukwu

Associate General Manager, Business and Development

Miss Henrietta Obiageria Nwachukwu is the Associate General Manager, Business and Development at Irvin Global and Investment Limited.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business and Management from Aston university, Birmingham, England, and a masters degree in Marketing (branding and communications) from the university of Brighton, England.

She possesses sound verbal and written communication skills, with an impressive professional background in the business and administrative field both in the U.K. and Nigeria. She started her professional background in the Nigeria at the prestigious D.O construction company Ltd after completing her mandatory national youth Corp program (NYSC).

She currently holds strong family and personal values and is dedicated to meeting goals and objectives.