To expand our capital base, we have launched a competitive investment plan which will enrich our investors while contributing to their savings plan. Our investment plan is simple, transparent, and flexible. We accept investments from individuals, organizations and businesses, and pay them returns monthly.

Irvin Global and investment limited has over the years, built a track record of high level professionalism, transparency in all our dealings with our revered investors, as well as prompt payment of return on investment and liquidation of investor’s funds. We also have a formidable team of financial experts with many years of experience in investment banking, asset management and consumer credits.

The Securities and Exchange Commission by its mandate regulates only public companies that are publicly quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. We are a private company and cannot be regulated by SEC. However, we are regulated by state laws and we have our practice licenses to wit; Money Lenders License, Special Control Unit Against Money Laundering Certificate, Federal Inland Revenue Service Certificate, and the Corporate Affairs Commission Certificate.

Irvin Global and investment limited deals primarily on loans. We give out loans to Individuals, SMEs, Organizations to help solve their urgent and imminent needs.

If at the expiration of your investment tenure, you wish to liquidate your funds, you are expected to send us a thirty days notice to that effect via our email address (  Sequel to this, in the event of liquidation prior to the maturity date, there will be a forfeiture of one month return on investment.

(a) Our payment method is structured in four ways; you can receive your interest monthly, which means payment every month.

(b) Quarterly; accumulation of three months interest will be paid every three months.

(c) Upfront payment; which means receiving your cumulative interest at the point of investment. For instance, if you invest the sum of one million naira for six months. The interest for six months will be paid at the point of investment.

(d) Payment at maturity; which means both the principal and the accrued interest will be paid at the expiration of your investment tenure.

The minimum investment sum is one million naira only. Please note that there is no maximum.

We have three investment tenures; three months, six months, and from one year and above.

Everyone who chooses to do investment will always want to know that their investments won’t get lost. At Irvin Global and Investment Limited, we take very stringent measures while giving out credit facilities to individuals. Firstly, for loans of less than a million naira, the applicant must provide us with ‘two banker guarantors’ who would guarantee the loan.

We do not accept people in other sectors. The reason is because an average banker understands what it means to guarantee a loan, so they would naturally be sure of the applicant before taking such a drastic step. This makes it impossible for the applicant to default in the repayment of his/her loan.

Also, for loans of a million naira and above, the applicant must provide us with a collateral. The acceptable collaterals are; car, gold, silver, diamond, foreign currencies etc. We do not accept landed properties because of the complicated nature of land transactions.

We do not trade on cryptocurrency, forex or invest in other ventures. We do strictly loans. All these we have done for six years and no iota of default has been recorded against us by any of our investors.

Vast majority of people in Nigeria need money for one personal project or the other, businesses, or urgent personal needs, and would always look out for companies that can help them out with these funds. In other words, it is impossible for the company not to receive loan applicants every day. We receive plethora of loan applications on a daily basis. However, we only give out loans to credit worthy people who have also met the company’s criteria.