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Miss Ebube Eresimadu

Associate General Manager investment and Legal Services

Miss Ebube Eresimadu Esq is the Associate General Manager investment and Legal Services at Irvin Global and Investment Group.

She is a professional with a background in Law. She holds a Bachelor of Laws (L.LB) degree and a Barrister at Law (B.L) degree from the University of Abuja.

With a passion for justice and a drive to excel, she embarked on her legal journey in 2010, and since then, she has gained over 7 years of extensive experience in the legal world. Her dedication to her craft and her ability to creatively tackle challenges have allowed her to make significant strides in her career.

Starting as a Legal Associate at a prestigious law firm, she has worked diligently to rise through the ranks, eventually becoming a Senior Associate.

Her commitment to excellence and her adaptability to ever-changing legal landscapes have been instrumental in her success.

She is goal-oriented and result-driven, always striving to achieve the best outcomes for her clients and the cases she handles.