Mrs. Olaghere Toritseju Blessing


Mrs. Olaghere Toritseju Blessing

General Manager,Recovery , Internal Control and Compliance

Mrs. Olaghere Toritseju Blessing is the General Manager,Recovery , Internal Control and Compliance at Irvin Global and Investment Group. With a Bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation Science from the University of Jos and 7 years of marketing experience, she brings a unique blend of skills and qualities to her role.

She exemplifies strong leadership, strategic thinking, and excellent communication skills. Her ability to identify and pursue opportunities, coupled with her keen market insights, drives the growth and success of Irvin Global and Investment Group. With a knack for building and nurturing relationships, Mrs. Olaghere fosters strong partnerships that contribute to the company’s expansion and reputation.

Moreover, her astute understanding of risk management and investment, gained from her previous experience at FCMB, allows her to make informed decisions that positively impact the organization’s bottom line. Mrs. Olaghere’s relentless drive, combined with her passion for being a goal getter, makes her an invaluable asset in driving the business forward and achieving remarkable results.